Mary Morgan

The Author


The following pages will give you an introduction to my published works and from time-to-time will give news of work in progress in my studio here in Seattle.

Selected Works

Fiction - Mystery
In a small and very basic hospital in the mountainous jungles of Central America, A team of doctors and nurses on a volunteer mission are suddenly faced with a life-threatening emergency that not only places the team in fear for their own lives, but also needs all their surgical skills to save the situation.
The son of an American soldier meets the woman his father knew during World War II.
Set against the exotic East and the ominous jungle, recalling Maugham, with a woman’s voice. A return to the roots of lost times and family.


I was born and raised in Great Britain, and trained there as a nurse and midwife, but when my husband was offered the post of chief resident in surgery at the Children’s Hospital in Seattle, we moved here with our two children. Two months later, our third child was born and we've all been here ever since. Seattle is a wonderful place to live and work. I was an operating room nurse both here and in Britain but I've had several other jobs, flight attendant, hotel manager, even "nanny", and once ran an antique store in the historical Pike Place Market here in Seattle.

But what I'd always wanted to be was a writer. My very first publication was a small article in an English national newspaper about coming to the United States. In time, I sold short stories to The Ladies Home Journal, Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcocks Mystery Magazines and to The Seattle Post Intelligencer, and wrote a monthly column for a local medical publication. If I was going to be a "real" writer, I decided, I should be writing novels, and that, I soon found out, took a great deal more time and luck.

Eventually, in 1997, after the usual failures and rejections, WILLFUL NEGLECT, the story of a malpractice suit seen through the eyes of a small town attorney, was published by St. Martin's Press. In 2002, St Martin's Press published DEEPER WATERS, also about the same lawyer, Noah Richards, now involved in a clash between Native Americans and local residents who live on the shores of Puget Sound, over property and fishing rights.

Between those two novels, THE HOUSE AT THE EDGE OF THE JUNGLE, came out in 1999,(from St. Martin's),the tale of an English brother and sister who return to their birth place, now Malaysia, to try and discover the fate of their parents who disappeared during the Japanese invasion in the second world war.

My fourth novel, THE SOUND OF HER NAME, came out in June 2005, from St. Martin's Press, a story that spans the second world war and the Vietnam era and set in Wales, my home country.

I recently self-published "LAST MISSION TO LOS ARCOS" , the story about a volunteer surgical team in a rural local hospital in Central America.
Their peaceful day was soon interrupted and their lives turned into chaos ibn a way than none of them ever suspected might happen.
They discover their own strengths and weaknessses as the truth dawns.
The unexpected had consequences that none of them felt might happen in their hitherto comfortable lives.
New vistas and new personalities emerge from the temporary maestrom.

Published by The University Book Store Press, Seattle 2013.