Mary Morgan

Selected Works

Fiction - Mystery
In a small and very basic hospital in the mountainous jungles of Central America, A team of doctors and nurses on a volunteer mission are suddenly faced with a life-threatening emergency that not only places the team in fear for their own lives, but also needs all their surgical skills to save the situation.
The son of an American soldier meets the woman his father knew during World War II.
Set against the exotic East and the ominous jungle, recalling Maugham, with a woman’s voice. A return to the roots of lost times and family.

The Sound of Her Name

It is 1968 and Tim Bruce is about to take a trip to Europe before being drafted into the Vietnam war. When he overhears his father speaking of a woman named Gwyneth whom he'd met in a small town in Wales during World War 11, Tim decides to look for her, out of curiosity. Eventually, he learns the story of his father's involvement with this previously unknown woman, and the consequences of their meeting change the course of both Tim and Gwyneth's life.
Published in June 2005.