Mary Morgan

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Fiction - Mystery
In a small and very basic hospital in the mountainous jungles of Central America, A team of doctors and nurses on a volunteer mission are suddenly faced with a life-threatening emergency that not only places the team in fear for their own lives, but also needs all their surgical skills to save the situation.
The son of an American soldier meets the woman his father knew during World War II.
Set against the exotic East and the ominous jungle, recalling Maugham, with a woman’s voice. A return to the roots of lost times and family.

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In the remote mountains and jungle of Central America, an American team of doctors and nurses have volunteered to perform surgery at the small mission hospital in the village of Los Arcos. In the middle of a day in the operating room, the team is suddenly faced with an emergency that jeopardizes not only the hospital and patients but the life of every nurse and doctor. Last Mission to Los Arcos is the story of three days of danger, of survival under difficult circumstances and how the best intentions can go astray.

Published by University Book Store Press, Seattle, Washington, 2013

It is 1968 and Tim Bruce is about to take a trip to Europe before being drafted into the Vietnam war. When he overhears his father speaking of a woman named Gwyneth whom he'd met in a small town in Wales during World War 11, Tim decides to look for her, out of curiosity. Eventually, he learns the story of his father's involvement with this previously unknown woman, and the consequences of their meeting change the course of both Tim and Gwyneth's life.
Published in June 2005.

"...a deeply affecting story..."
In Melinda Bargreen's summer reading list.
Seattle Times

At the end of a disastrous case, attorney Noah Richards is offered a change of scene that he believes will offer the best of two worlds, a house on the beach and a ferry ride to his office in downtown Seattle. But Noah's perception changes suddenly when the local Native Americans question which side he's on in the current hot local dispute. The tribe lays claim to the land to the property where his house and other homes are built, including the adjacent fishing rights. The homeowners are adamant that the land belongs to them. In the midst of this legal turmoil, Noah's life is further complicated by an attractive young neighbor whose child needs repeated medical care for mysterious symptoms.

"Noah is a conscientious caring person who lands in the middle of a major conflict and acts with compassion and intelligence. A satisfying mystery." Booklist

"Original and thoroughly diverting." Kirkus Reviews

Hardcover, 2002 St. Martins Press

The unexpected 1942 Japanese invasion of Malaya, an outpost of the British Empire, led to the death and capture of many expatriates. The Cartwrights, a British couple, manage to send their two small children, the infant Victor and his 7 year old sister Isabel safely back to England, but the parents disappeared without trace.30 years later, Victor returns to Malaysia on business and invites Isabel, his only sibling along. She eagerly accepts with the thought that she might at last find out something about their parents' fate. Her quest unravels the mystery and Isabel and Victor learn much about themselves in their journey to a breathtaking truth.

"A lovely evocation of a lost time, of family, of secrets, and of many forms of love." The Poisoned Pen.

"Heavy with the atmosphere and sounds of the geographical ends of civilization, this is a highly readable novel." Seattle Times

Weary of the monotony of small town legal matters and overwhelmed by memories of his dead wife, attorney Noah Richards finds himself taking on a case that is both a legal and emotional landmine and far from his usual kind of brief. The sad circumstances of a child’s death in the local hospital lead him to probe the tragic events connected to the town. The subtle possibility of a new and unexpected romantic attachment adds another layer to the story

"A first class debut novel. Readers will want to hear more from the quietly charismatic hero of this poignant, penetrating, suspenseful debut, written in a style both easy and elegant." Kirkus Review (starred)

"An engaging first novel ... a civilized exploration of two serious themes: malpractice and racism. A most promising debut. “Seattle Times.”

Hardcover, 1997 St. Martins Press